PI Tinker

So, I have returned.

And what happenes? (/emorage) Servers down, and I cant play, nor try the things which I've seen and spent hours on - PI. So much for new goals, new frontiers.

Well at lat last I've spent a nice sunny day outside, my bf coming home early and well, different than the usual same ol' - same ol' wasting time on Eve. (If someone here jumps up and yells "Eve is not wasted time!!!111! - to be honest, it is. But a fun and creative way to waste time ;)

Now I was able to set up some CC's and start a small chain for Oxygen and Enr.Uranium near my future POS and lets see maybe I'll even get the Robotics from somewhere - sofar it been like 10-15 mil isk input, counting for PI and Skills etc - I just hope this will come at least even when I'll set up that POS, just in hope for saving a few iskies that way in the long run. Im shivering a little bit though, that six months are enough time to grind Amarr standings high enough (from -1.10) to start that project, but then, who knows?

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