Long lost Love~

No this Blog hasn' t died (so much to weekly posts...), I've been on quite an Eve break and will continue doing so for another 2 weeks or so - at least I'm out of the bloody Hospital again. Been in and out this year a bit, so lets just hope it'll be that last time.

Otherwise nothing much has happened, been training Electronics on Zaja and am quite intrigued how the Cyno field generator works. But that will have to wait though, since she is a Int-Mem build right now - so no time for ships or guns. And I WANT PewPew!! how ironic......

Kias close on having full Warfare link capabilities, perhaps there will be some time when she's more needed than in her current Corp/alliance, which I' m thinking on leaving for other projects I want to try out. And that with having weekly wars going on... I begin to wonder if they really know what a tool they have in their hands - T3 capable, Implant fitted Warfare linker.. but they rather skirmish than do a proper fleet.. *sigh* oh well... Egos and bad planning dont go so well, I think. Even I want to get out, get fresh air I'll be staying for the prodding capabilities - making T2 stuff is kinda fun, or so I've found through my BF's prodder alt.

So much that I wish to do other things, I'll return to my home region, move close to everything out of the wormholes we have and then relax with Missions and Exploration. Maybe save up for another Orca and mine a bit (not that I need tons of money or so) and then do something else.

cya soon and fly safe

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