Summer Sun and shiny Knights

As summer progresses, I must admit, that I haven't been very active in EvE nor in any other games that I play, such as DragonAge, Cabal Online and occasionally some others. Right now I'm in a phase where I could care less concerning computers and their seductions, rather more in which I want to get out, enjoy the warm rays and socialize, or work on other projects, such as typing up a sci-fi/fantasy story from a pen and paper race I've been working on for a good ten years by now (whew, that long already?) and drawing up some artwork to go along with it.

But back to this posts title, this saturday I'll be heading over to a medieval market at where my parents live, something I've been doing for 8 years now, as that market is around only every two years. I'll see that I'll do some pictures to post here for everyones enjoyment. =)

Otherwise, Zaja's close to having Electronics done, and will move to Engineering by next week - so closer to good fits, for a good yarr-gal.