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Long time ago, I've been in a event planning group for a fantasy MMORPG, finding it a great way to hang out with everyone you come to like and have fun with and of course, at. So I've been thinking on ways to get our Wormhole Crew into fun activities at considerable low risk of intruders, or worse, clone (and imp) loss.

  • Mining activities are one of the things everyone comes up in an instant – and everybody groans. It may be that it helps the corp's productivity, but as a Wormhole Crew everybody mines, and thus is considered more like work than something fun.
  • Running missions may be an okay thing, though then we would have to consider where, when and how. Where can get tricky, since most have some bad standing somewhere and didn't know how, care or grind enough to keep an neutral standing towards all four races. How can these be implemented as an event? Well, some or most have run Missions before, know how they work. So why not take these to the max, and go low? What I'm trying to express is, take on the hardest thing your able to, and go make out with your gang. Rewards should be great for all, teamplay is worked on and enabled and you even have it converted into a real time pvp event, if your lucky or daring enough and your nice ninja from next door comes sneaking in.

  • So in the end it all ends with and runs into pvp... right? Dead wrong! Why not do a race over 20 jumps in, say, a mining barge. Or do a hide and seek. Or “red light green light” (with smartbombs! ;D) or a RPG quest creating a small story (never forget the tragedy!) and a cool reward for the end. All it take is a little idea and convert it into Eve terms.

In my case, right now I am thinking on two ideas, or, working on them. Over at Flashfresh – The Pirate, he reported a Bushkashi Event, in which a can full of poor bovines have to be tractored to a goal area – with everything allowed. I'm thinking a notch higher, doing a tournament this way for the Alliance I'm associated with. With entry fees and big prizes. And some harder rules. I'll report on how it goes in a while, but a big thanks for him for a great idea in advance. If everything goes well, I may drop a small thank you note at his door.

The second I want to get people motivated into, and this is where my skills prevent me to to it still though, because no covert ops around me yet, would be going into doing lvl 5 Missions. I've heard the loot and rewards are good so it might be some change to the same old sleeper sites everyone wants to do for all those sexy iskies. And low sec might just offer some the fun they constantly crave for, including pvp. But who knows? My “Baitship 01”, a Dramiel, might offer enough cover to look for some of those missions, since I'm slowly working off my fears of low sec and nul sec with Zaja – having traveled all over IT alliance space for the sake of sight seeing, it might be worth the risk. We will see, once I'm back into my exile in Germany, and then being back in Eve.

Fly Safe, everyone and see ya at next weeks post!

Ps: if you guys have or had some Ideas for events, feel free to comment what it was, and how it went – I'm definitely interested!

~~ Zaja

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