Funny how you get thrown into things you thought about briefly, dumped the idea, not knowing how to start. And now, doing it nontheless. I've been reading a long while CK's blog pack on my trusty Capsuleer, and sometimes have been itching to reply to some of those posts, but never thought about blogging too much until now.

Oh well, here we go *takes a deep breath*:
Hi, I'm Jenny. *waves* Im a german/swiss girl into EvE for about three years now and want to look "over the edge" of high sec and wormholes, meaning ninjaing and pirating in general.

Main: Kiana Melody
Profession: Fleet Linker

Alt: Zajamaru
Profession: joining Dark Sides? Cookies? COOKIES!!! *snatch* =D

So what do I want to do with this Blog? Well one can never know where the road leads, but I will try to share some thoughts about Eve in general, Wormhole life and in a while some on ninjaing and pirating, once i get the skills and the knack for that. If I ever do. But the things I've done so far, just for giggles, have been fun to do so I guess its worth something.

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  1. Looking forward to many more posts from you! Welcome to the EVE Blogging Community! I'll be adding you to the Blogroll shortly!