Hi Sec Carebearing.. weee~~~

I've left Valkyrie Industries with Kia and returned to my hisec home in Genesis. When I joined I got hungry for the riches and the fun it is having a deeeeep safe right next to a hisec gate when I had joined a starting WH corp prior V.Ind. (They have, as far as I know died out by now, Corp Mismanagement ftw). So about 7 long months ago I had joined Vind and it was fun to do. The alliance has a few static hisec holes they operate from, but with each new hole they settled, I had gotten the feeling that they were more and more falling apart. It may be my view, but its never good if only some players get all the cream, and the rest... well GTFO. Im not griping how terrible they are, just an analysis of fun with everone for a couple of months, then.. well .. nothing. It may be just a hiccup some corps have occasionally, as new members join, and change the attitude within the corp somehow. But anyways (and to cut my Vind rant a little shorter) it was a good experience and insight of how nullsec mechanics work on a small scale. So my next stop on my to do list will be null sec, as soon as i got my skills trained up and honed, and some new shiny ships are in my backjard, might take some while though, 'specially since I'm still waiting on those trice damned Leadership skills to get done.

Otherwise - heres a short post on my experiences for a wormhole:
- take what u absolutely need, u will loose it to 99%. All the rest, the nice and shiny, they'll sit in a hangar gathering dust.
- You'll die, probably more than once.
(I never had, just lost a Damnation from being impatient)
- Be ready to travel. A lot.
(It gets to you after a while, even you dont know it a first)
- Supply is scarce (maybe has changed with PI a bit, dunno) but buy stuff at least double, better to a dozen.
- And for those who do have a WH corp, do your Corp management really well, know who you can trust and give out rights as little as possible. Especially POS rights, anchor rights. Or you might log in and warp to your POS moon and theres no more POS. (I could have done it while leaving Vind, would have been quite a net gain too. But I like to have good standings :)
- All your money you gain with mining and sleeper-ing, you wont see much from it, as the hole will eat most of it back, not counting losses.

In 7 months, I've made about 2 to 2.5 bil playing casually and wasted some, but maybe made 500mil more than being back in "safe" hi sec doing mishs. So if u like running around going slowly insane while doing so and shooting the occasinal and notorious pvper playing gate games (its like docking games. only with wormhole "gates" - insanely annoying), have a try with wormholes. :)
I for my part, will do some mining in my homes backjard, fly some mishs in the neighborhood and enjoy carebearing some more.

Fly safe,

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